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Connect to your superconscious and begin to recode what's holding you back so you can become the cosmic creator of you life and manifest more of what you love.

Why you do not see the changes you would like to see despite your manifestations 


After 20 years of working in the spiritual transformation space, I have noticed that many people try different methods over and over again to transform areas of their life (more money, better relationships, healthy lifestyle - plugin your desire here…) And they make some progress but tend to swing back towards what they want to leave behind. This leaves them feeling frustrated and stuck in their current situation. 

They don’t realize that they are only focusing on the method (hypnosis, meditation, yoga, visualization, the law of attraction their diet, etc.)  to find a solution to their problem but don’t take their internal structure into consideration that holds the potential of what’s possible. 

Because of that, most people have formed a structure and identity around problem fixing.  

Instead of embodying their true identity, which is a creator, they think they are “broken”, and they try to fix themselves and their current circumstances instead of putting their energy into creating more of what they love!

Does this sound familiar?

You might have "tried everything! But it's just not working for you!" You wonder why other people can manifest what they want, and you do not?  

You have read "Think and Grow Rich," watched "The Secret," said the affirmations, created a vision board, have done meditation, hypnosis and visualization, hypnosis, and energy work

You have spent a lot of time and money on retreats, conferences, seminars, and courses and have seen some results but not the transformation you were hoping for. 

You might feel that you have hit an invisible wall and can’t figure out what you are missing. You might think that if something isn’t working it must be your fault

You might question your ability to connect to the divine, which leaves you thinking that a more mystical life is only for a select few but perhaps not you. This is frustrating because you have put so much effort into your journey of self-discovery. 

Here is the truth:

You can’t stay in a flow and move towards what you want to manifest in your life if you are constantly trying to fix yourself. 


It’s like playing basketball and shooting while focusing on the ball instead of the hoop. Your current circumstance is the ball in your hand. You must focus on the target, which is what you want to create. You can only score when you let go of the ball. 

This is when the "amazing" happens: By letting go of the “ball,” you create space as you explore, embody and express your true powerful self.

 You might experience:

  • Feeling more in alignment and flow by excepting yourself as who you truly are rather than trying to be someone you are not
  • Seeing more opportunities in life than “problems”.
  • Living a more mystical life - more than meets the 3D eye. 
  • Increased connection to your intuition- Your cosmic "GPS System"
  • Feeling dialed in on your purpose and dharma
  • Have a stronger and deeper relationship with the divine, yourself, and others
  • Create a bigger impact and transformation
  • More income and influence
  • Higher emotions (joy, peace, love, ambition, excitement, faith, hope, etc.) 
  • Connection, collaboration, confidence, contribution
  • Feel like there is more synchronicity 

I help you to connect to your superconscious to recode the resistance in your energetic field so you can move into the creative flow and manifest more of what you love. 


To experience life more to its fullest we have to explore, embody, and express the spirit in our bodies. 


What’s different with the Cosmic Creator Effect process is that we look at your entire being “mind, body, spirit” and your uniqueness at your true identity level to create the space and let go so you can more fully express who you are at the core and manifest.


The Superconscious Recode process is based on 1st and 2nd centuries A.D principles, years of studies by top researchers in psychotherapy, neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, and more


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Imagine how your life could elevate if you were in a creative flow as you connected to the divine within


  • Create more abundance and experience more freedom to choose 
  • Connect with your inner wisdom and be guided by your intuition 
  • Live a more inspired magical life you love!
  • Have more joyful relationships and a deeper connection with your partner 
  • Wake up with more clarity on your actions as you are more aligned with your deeper purpose/dharma 
  • Travel to places you have dreamt of and create memories with your kids 
  • Enhance your meditation, hypnosis, and other spiritual/personal development methods 
  • Begin to operate at higher frequencies of emotions- joy, faith, peace, and love 
  • Reignite the "fire" at your job or business while increasing your impact and influence 
  • Feel more connected to yourself and less "striving" or feeling depleted 
  • Enjoy the present moment as time seems to fly by at the moment 
  • Experience freedom and the courage to express who you are at the core 
  • Giving to a cause, experiencing the butterflies in your stomach as you see the impact 


You May Even Find Yourself 

  • Taking your knowledge, experience, and skill set so you can start your coaching/service business 
  • Take your business on or offline so you get your offer in front of more ideal clients
  • Identify your market, and create your own methodology so you don't blend in
  • Create a road map so you can help bridge your client from where they are to where they want to go

  • Map out and create your curriculum so you can have engaging content for your course and/or 1-1/group coaching

  • Create an offer so your ideal clients can see themselves in the transformation, not just acquiring information 

  • Drive quality traffic so more eyeballs get on what you do and what you stand for and how you may be able to help

  • Create engaging content so you can speak to your audience at a deeper level

  • Take your audience from cold to hot so you can convert to paying clients 

  • Have more true abundance so you can experience more freedom in your life 


Are you ready to experience life more to its fullest?

You are ready if…

  • You are a loving, inclusive spiritually-minded person
  • You want to connect with your superconscious to remove resistance in your field and experience more of a flow state. 

  •  You tend to be a “dreamer” that thinks outside the “normal” conditioned box.
  • You want to continue to grow on your spiritual journey while increasing your abundance and impact in a way that feels right to you.

  • You believe there's more to life than meets the 3D eye.

  • You yearn for deeper relationships with others and deeper connections with your body, mind, and soul.

  • You want to lean into creating instead of problem fixing.

  • You want to become more magnetic to things you desire

  • You want to learn more about spirituality and metaphysics

  • You finally want to see a transformation in your life.

  • You are ready to experience the supernatural becoming more natural in your life.

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You are NOT ready if…

  • You don’t understand the importance of aligning with your purpose/dharma and creating more impact. 

  • You completely dismiss the “woo woo” stuff.

  • You don’t desire expansion for yourself, or those around you and are not interested in discovering who you are at a deeper level.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

How to work with me

Superconscious Recode Session 

During this 90-minute superconscious recode session, you will get instant clarity on your true desired goals and how to begin to manifest more of them without trying to "fix who you are." This is the most important step in becoming the liberated Cosmic Creator® of your life. You will leave the session inspired with action steps you can implement right away. 


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The Cosmic Creator Program

The only spiritual transformation program that helps spiritually-minded people connect to their superconscious, orienting to be a cosmic creator, becoming magnetic as they manifest more of the things they love. The waitlist for the next enrollment into the cosmic creator program is open now. 


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The Cosmic Creator 

PLUS Program 

The only spiritual transformation program that helps spiritually-minded people connect to their superconscious, orienting to be a cosmic creator, becoming magnetic as they manifest more of the things they love.

You will get access to 

The Cosmic Creator Program &

 12x 1-on-1 Sessions 

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What past clients shared about working with me

I now understand my higher purpose! 

“I always felt like there had to be more to God than just what I had heard at church growing up. Meeting Bobby helped me to understand that I have a greater purpose to impact my community and serve those around me. Bobby helped connect me to my destiny and the strategies that I have learned have helped me to accelerate on my path.“

 - Gabriela Pineda

Concise and highly engaging! 

“Bobby’s curriculum is highly engaging. He relates his own personal experiences including supernatural events from when he was young to the present to a larger message. The information is concise and I keep wanting to come back to it.“

 - Dale Whitfield

It felt like daydreaming 

I did a session of the recode with Bobby. I was expecting to be hypnotized instead it was more like daydreaming, whilst being fully awake. It was very enjoyable and challenging at times, going through my ideal day. I was pleasantly surprised by how I felt straight after the session. Bobby was great, explaining the process thoroughly and ready to answer any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend people to try it.

- Anuraag


I felt an immediate energetic shift

“ I really enjoyed my recode session with Bobby, he helped me understand the easy yet powerful process within our session.

When we were doing the recode I instantly felt the energy in my third eye and throughout my body. The process was simple and gentle, I felt an immediate energetic shift and noticed myself taking new actions the following day.”

- Ashley

From resistance to being in a flow and feeling relaxed  

Just had a recode session with Bobby and he is amazing! He was gracious and intuitive, he picked up on the resistance I had that derailed me at times and cleared them. I felt a sense of relief and relaxed right after the session. Bobby gave me clarity on how to move forward, to live the life that I envisioned for myself during the session. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand and dig deeper into their superconscious and start the process to clear any resistance they may have.  

- Viji

From feeling doubtful to having confidence in my abilities 

My session with Bobby was really interesting, we all run through periods of self-doubt, but after working with Bobby it enabled me to lift my thoughts and give me more confidence in my abilities, I would highly recommend having a chat to learn how he can help you!

- Richie

I feel lighter and trust myself!

The superconscious recode session left me feeling lighter and also gave me the confidence to trust myself more and move forward in my life. Thank you for your generosity and time!

- Lee 

Bobby's methods are clear-cut!

"I had a subconscious recoding session with Bobby and it was great! Bobby is very passionate about what he does and it shows. He was super helpful in explaining how to operate from the desired reality instead of a current reality by taking action. His methods are clear-cut, easy to understand, and his coaching style is very encouraging. Highly recommended!"

- Brittany

Are you ready to become the creator of your life?

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