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Learn how to overcome fear and walk in faith and in the confidence of God's goodness and faithfulness. 

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Love Prevailed Book

Love Prevailed is all about shedding your past and moving into the newness of God's promises to those who believe. Even when someone accepts Jesus, they may hold onto remnants of their past that continue to hinder them from walking in the fullness of Christ. Love Prevailed focuses on an array of topics within the body, mind, and spirit. 

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Love Prevailed Academy

Get trained by Bobby Goodwin, a Christian thought leader, author, speaker, and coach. 

This is your opportunity to receive training in a wide range of topics to assist you in a positive transformation which includes revelation of the goodness of God, and what scripture says about the nature of God. Bobby offers practical tips in regards to addressing fear, guilt & shame, forgiveness, and anger, as well as your supernatural identity and authority in Christ. He offers strategies to become more productive, intentional, to improve diet/exercise, sleep, to harness the power of laughter and much more!




Meet Bobby

Bobby Goodwin is a coach to followers of Christ. Bobby has a desire to inspire and motivate believers to pursue their fullness in Christ and recognize what their Lord and Savior did for them on Calvary.

Bobby focuses on teaching the goodness of God, and showing followers their identity in Christ as they learn who and what they are in Christ. Bobby also wants to teach strategies so that believers can live a more fulfilled, intentional, and productive life as they pursue living out the gospels and their purpose in life.

Growing up in a non-Christian home, Bobby's walk started at an early age. He experienced several supernatural events which he could not explain. He would keep these events to himself, but later in High School, he would explore the supernatural more deeply through non-Christian means as he looked to answer some of his experiences as a child. He found himself in a dark place as he was depressed, anxious, angry, and feeling shamed and discouraged. Bobby dealt with extreme self-esteem issues. Bobby sought comfort in food which would lead to excessive weight gain, and would ultimately magnify his problems.

After finding Christ at 17, his self-esteem struggles seemed to lessen some, but confusion over God's goodness, his will and his love along with the role, if any, of the supernatural, left him feeling stagnant on his walk. In his mid-twenties the Holy Spirit led him on a journey to the revelation of believers identity, authority, and dominion in Christ. Despite the revelation of these truths and several more supernatural events, Bobby and his wife Grace, found themselves pursuing careers as Special Education teachers, and then advanced degrees including Masters and Educational Specialist degrees. With this came spiritual confusion and their acceptance of a universal approach to God. Ultimately this led to them walking away from the Christian faith for a handful of years.

This is when God left the 98 and came back for the two that had strayed. Several unexplained supernatural events started to occur, including a vision of Jesus Christ, a deliverance, several accurate prophetic words, angelic encounters, a proclamation of being a follower of Christ, and an incident with the tangible power of the Lord that finally they came to the conclusion that it was Jesus who showed up when needed. They received the truth that he was not just merely a "spiritual leader" yet God himself.

Through several remarkably accurate, detailed, and confirmed words they, at last, chose obedience, including pursuing their purpose which includes the launch of their first online course, Love Prevailed.


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