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“Bobby’s curriculum is highly engaging. He relates his own personal experiences including supernatural events from when he was young to the present to a larger message. The information is concise and I keep wanting to come back to it.“

-Dale Whitfield

“I always felt like there had to be more to God than just what I had heard at church growing up. Meeting Bobby helped me to understand that I have a greater purpose to impact my community and to serve those around me. Bobby helped connect me to my destiny and the strategies that I have learned have helped me to accelerate on my path.“

-Gabriela Pineda

The Real Reason You’re NOT Transforming Into The Influential Person You Desire To Be

Self-transformation can be challenging. And today, with all of the gurus and marketing fighting for your attention, promising a magical pill or telling you to think more positively and increase your motivation, it is hard to keep up. You can get into paralysis by analysis as different methods seem to contradict one another. You pump yourself up, attempt to put on a new persona. You say you will get started on Monday. However, by Friday, you find yourself repeating the same cycle. You continue to say you need to learn more, yet the implementation phase never comes or is short-lived while you seek another method to try or live from circumstance as an excuse to stay stagnant. 


And if you are like most of my clients, before they start working with me, then you probably feel frustrated, deflated. You have attempted several times to reignite your hope for something or someone to help manifest the life you desire. Already wondering how long and how many attempts can you keep this up before you pack it in and put your dreams, passions, and purpose on the back burner. 


Most people think that to get more RESULTS, they have to try harder and do more. But the truth is that the real culprit is the belief that your external circumstances must change before you do. But it’s not your fault! Society has been teaching us that you must grind harder to change the circumstances in your life, when yes, this may sometimes be true for some, but if this were always true, then why are some of the hardest working people still not achieving their desired outcomes? There is another way. You can become magnetic to the frequencies you desire and attract what you want to see manifest. 


And if you don’t solve this, then, unfortunately, you run the risk of day after day, month after month, year after year waiting for the stars to completely align before you finally enter into your destiny, walk in your divine purpose, and have a greater influence on this planet. Where will you be one year from now if you continue to think the same and have the same actions? Yielding the same results? 

I want to increase my influence and impact

The Cold Hard Truth is:


If you don't nail your who and how you will serve and own your transformation, you won't maximize your influence. 


And not maximizing your influence minimizes impact and income. 


Show me just one person whose life was transformed into one of being highly influential from someone else’s seminar or winning the lotto without the personal decision to do so?

You can’t!


Someone can help coach you, guide you, walk step by step next to you; however, no one is going to change your life for you. Your external circumstances changing won't change you. Only YOU can change you. 


You have free will to act or free will not to. You can choose to wait, or you can take action. 


The good news is that it’s not about achieving something you don’t have. The truth is, what you need is already inside of you, even if you feel you don’t have it!


If you have already felt the urge to transform into the person you want to be, increasing influence at your job, community, or becoming an entrepreneur, you already have what it takes within you to step into that role. It’s just a matter of getting it out of you! 


And just how I've helped so many others tune into their passions, goals, and purpose, NOW I want to help you! 



The Cosmic Influencer Challenge

A Proven Method for finally increasing your influence and impact

...and even creating an income!

Why I'm Not Charging as Much as I Should for this Challenge:

I have spent thousands on marketing and self-improvement courses. Shucks, I’ve spent $10,000 to spend one day learning under a top named high performance and marketing coach. Some purchases have been beneficial, some not so much. For almost a decade, this area has been the main focus in my life, but even more so, my spiritual life. 


I have helped lots of people tune into who they are, operate in higher frequencies as they become higher versions of themselves, manifesting the supernatural in their lives and transforming into the life they desire. 


Throughout this process, I held onto my why, knowing that I would shorten the learning curve for others. This journey has taken me years and years of research as well as trial and error. It has been a self-transformation process, but it also taught me how to impact and serve others with greater amplitude and influence. 


The central part of my journey showed me that the transformation process focused more on going within-- on connecting to the divine. It is not a constant struggle where you are living out of circumstance to manipulate your external environment. The universe reflects you and the frequency you are operating in. 


Fortunately, we were able to develop a model to reach more people. We are so excited about this opportunity because it means that others can move forward in creating positive change in our world that so desperately needs it. We purposely reduced the price to nothing, as we know the power that one transformed life can have on this planet. 


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