10 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams

destiny dreams Feb 15, 2019

We shouldn't compromise on our dreams. If God has placed something on your heart, honor that desire. We can easily fall into complacency and neglect the true calling that burns in our hearts because we perceive our lives to be going well. We don't want to rock the boat by facing a new challenge.

1. IDENTIFY YOUR DREAM. The first step is figuring out what your dream is. What has God placed on your heart? Whether is a career-driven goal or simply a lifestyle goal, focus on the thing that you want most. 

2. VISUALIZE WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. The second step is figuring out what needs to take place to make that dream come true. Come up with a game plan of achievable short term goals that lead up to the greater goal of making the dream happen! 

3. ISOLATE THE FIRST THING. Now that you have determined what needs to take place, you should really focus on the FIRST thing that needs to take place. For example, if you would like to be an entrepreneur, the first thing may be to determine what entry into that field might potentially look like. 

4. HOW CAN I ACCOMPLISH THE FIRST THING? What do you need to do to accomplish the first thing? How can you start making meaningful strides towards achieving the first thing? Even if it doesn't mean attacking the first thing in its entirety, what can you do to start moving towards that first step?

5. ACCOUNTABILITY/SUPPORT/MOTIVATION. Who is going to hold you accountable to the first thing? Who is going to support you through the first few steps. Who is going to keep you motivated and on task? Generally a community of people can be helpful in moving us towards goals, but finding this community can be a useful first step as well. 

6. VISIONING. Start visualizing your dream coming true. Spend time in this thought pattern. Unwavering faith means you hold fast to this truth. You will not let your mind stray to the possibility that this may not happen. It is an absolute. God is on your side, therefore it is already done. 

7. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. Don't let life pass you by. Take the time to enjoy the day-to-day. Though we may not necessarily be completely content in our current lives, try to keep your focus on the positive. Realize you are making progress towards the ultimate goal. 

8. BOUNCE BACK. If you do encounter a stumbling block along the journey, do not let that prevent you from moving forward. A common mistake people encounter is that they give up once they face the first obstacle. Be resilient and bounce back from any missteps. 

9. GOD IS FRONT AND CENTER. Keep God first. It doesn't matter if your end goal is ministry-related or not, you can infuse God into most anything. Keep a thankful and positive mindset and remember to continually praise God for the things that he has blessed you with. 

10. GO EASY ON YOURSELF. No one is perfect. We all have moments of weakness where we do/say things that are not in line with our beliefs or are even reflective of our true selves. Give yourself grace. Repent and move on. God's got your back! 

These steps are by no means a manual to get you where you need to go. They are simply recommendations to help get you started. Don't let another day go by without making a move towards your ultimate destiny. 


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