You Do Not Need to Be "Special" to Be Spiritual

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2021

You don't need to be special to be spiritual. thinking that only a few randomly selected people were born gifted and the rest of humanity should flock to their feet asking for advice is outdated.

It's designed to create divide and separation with only those few people standing on a pedestal really benefiting from it. don't worry, I understand why you may be thinking this way. it can be easy to fall into being conditioned by someone else. having them tell you what to do rather than looking within. also I do believe that you're special. we are all special and i'm not telling you that there isn't any good spiritual leaders out there.

I have several that I learn from. however, any good leader will tell you that they aren't any more special than you or me. it's about connecting to your true self.

You see more and more everyday ordinary people without a platform, without a following, finding their inner self and connecting to god, the divine, infinite intelligence, the same exact source that these select few are. they're using means such as prayer, meditation, visualization, and the realization that the same laws of the universe do not discriminate and are inclusive to all.

The're rewiring their mind at a subconscious level as they realize their thoughts have power and putting them on the preferred frequencies to manifest in their outer world, that their inner desires as like attracts like. and when you begin to come to the awareness of the power that's already within you, you realize that you, through your birthright are a miracle and have the same amount of spiritual potential as others.

You have meaning, you have purpose. so do you want to continue believing that spirituality is only for a select few gurus? or do you want to experience it for yourself, connecting to the divine being transformed from the inside out, living a more fulfilled, purposeful life while having a greater impact on those around you?

If that's you, then it's not just time to continue to learn from teachers, it's time to apply it. if you haven't already join our tribe by clicking on the button around this video. much love, and i'll see you around.


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