Acting in Faith

faith Jul 04, 2019


"If you believe, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed that you, you can say to a mountain and you can move the mountain," Jesus very clearly states that only a little faith is required to see miraculous things. 

It's our responsibility to operate in faith.

Some ways that we can start growing in faith is, first of all, walking out in it, which begins by spending time with your father. I mean, gosh, we have lost that. Let's spend more time in the prayer closet and with scripture. And let's not just talk and ask God for things. But let's also listen, because sometimes we ask and he's answering and we just aren't listening.

Hey, I'm guilty of this too. I am walking and growing just like you. We need to remember that we have to start with foundational faith. It doesn't start with us and we know that it's not about us. It's about him, but it's also about us decreasing so that he can increase.

Remember, Jesus told us that we can do greater works than these because he's going to the Father. He showed the disciples to do the same things. He demonstrated perfect theology because he represented God in flesh. He said he can only do what he sees the Father doing. So what did he do? He moved mountains, he healed the sick, he cleansed the lepers, he raised the dead, and he cast out demons.

He was demonstrating faith in action to the disciples and he rebuked them when they weren't operating at a certain level of faith. So we need to remember and then he did what? He told them to go make disciples of all nations, teaching them what he taught them. So it didn't just stop, it has continued and it is now our responsibility. It starts with head knowledge, but you also have to be willing to accept your responsibility. 

You can say "I believe that I need to start working on my faith, building my faith, and walking out in the faith". But this could just be head knowledge. So we really need to start believing in our hearts, meaning that it becomes a part of us. It becomes our true selves, meaning that we're getting out of the way to let our true selves out. So we need to make sure it's not just head knowledge. And then we confess with our mouth, remember, we speak to the mountain, we speak to the mountain.


Take this step. That's the action step. Remember, up here "Faith without works is dead." Like we that we have responsibility, that there is something to do. And it's not because we're trying to earn anything, we can earn it. It's grace, but when now we're operating out of grace. I know that's can be a deep concept, not going to get too much into it now. But this is the idea of that, we're entering our fullness because of what he did for us, not because we could earn it. Not because we could earn it.


Yes, we continue to be holy. And it's more of we get to and I want to instead of I have to. Right? Yeah, I still have this sense, the fear of the Lord and I'm like, yeah, I better do it. But we get to do it. It's a privilege. It's a privilege. So take that first step. Not wavering, not wavering. Expect the mountain to move, whatever your mountain is. Whatever your mountain is expected to move.


And guess what if it moved a couple inches, a couple feet, that mountain, it's moving. It's moving and I'm learning a lot right now about the unwavering because there's been times guys where I felt like I wasn't wavering. And I'm just being honest with you. I'm, I don't have this all down. All right.


When I was first learning these concepts, some of you may have already heard the story. But my very first time, I was learning more about who I was in Christ, and it was my responsibility to go out and working in faith. It's him. It's not me. Okay. Let me make that clear. But my wife had a headache for three days and I was learning about this. I was all over YouTube. I was reading. I was doing it in Scripture. I wanted truth, just being real for a couple weeks.


Then finally, I was like, you know what this makes sense. Like, this is truth. This is breaking my current theologies. Oh, my goodness! So what I did was, I ended up calling her in the room, she had had a headache for three days, the medicine wasn't helping. And I bring her in, and she didn't know what I was doing. I was like, so last couple weeks been kind of looking into this. And I believe now that I, I could pray for you. And I could expect you to be healed.


And so she was like, okay. You see, at this point, I had grown up and I've seen a lot of the supernatural. But once I became a Christian, so I didn't grow up as a believer, but I didn't, I saw in the supernatural, I seen things happen. You'll hear more about these stories. But when I became a believer, I wasn't sure what that meant. And it was some people operating as certain gifts, like I do believe that there's gifts, for you have a specific gift that you just kind of easily operate in.


But we can all operate like we're told to like eagerly, like even lust after gifts mean, we could achieve them. And we have the gift inside of us, that we could do these things through faith and that I didn't know. Once I had all the scriptural backing. I was like, wow, okay. So, yeah, I called her in there. I'm like, yeah, I think I could do this. And she's like, all right. Sure. So I was like I'm not sure what I'm going to do.


But this I do know, to move this mountain right now, I'm going to be believing. Okay, now I believe I can do it. Like I was reading about it, now, it's suddenly felt like it hit there. Like I had the fire like, this is truth. Let's go. And then it was my mouth. Well, I took a step, right? I say, man, this is my wife and I don't, you know, am I gonna sound crazy? But this was kind of a safer place, but the same time, like, I don't know.


So I went out in faith, took the step. Like, I don't know what's gonna happen. I confess with my mouth. So what I did was I put my hands on her head because it says believers will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. So I'm like, okay, I think I'm believing right now. I'm going to step out in faith. So put my hands on her hand, I said in the name of Jesus, headache, go!


Her eyes got big, I'm like, what happened? She's like it move. What do you mean it move? It's over here now, I'm like, for real? Like, yeah. And I'm like, are you lying? Like, no. And so I was like, okay, so it moved. It did something. But it's still there. This is kind of crazy and I don't remember in the last two weeks and I didn't see on YouTube what to do. Like, you know, it just this app is like, ah, but I did hear pray again.


Pray because maybe it moved a couple inches, right or feet, wherever; the mountain moved. It moved. So I say, I'm gonna pray again. Remember Jesus pray twice when they said I see trees. Right. So anyways, I was like, in the name of Jesus go! Her eyes got big, what happened? It moved. Oh, my gosh, I moved it again, now what? So I prayed a third time and it moved again.


And I said, God, what do I do? So then, I don't know. I got this idea. I'm not sure if it was Holy Spirit telling me just being honest. But it was changed my words, changed my words because I kept saying go. So I, in the name of Jesus get out. Her eyes got all big, it's gone. I'm like what you mean it's gone? Like my headaches gone. And I was like, test it out or whatever, you know, like for real is it gone? And she's like yes, it's gone.


So I'm like, for real? Are you just saying this to make me feel better, or you wanted to end this prayer session? Like, come on, let's just be real. No, it is gone. And I knew it was gone because she went to sleep like that, she was out, she didn't sleep well, for a few days. For me, I wasn't ready to go right to bed. I was like, oh my gosh, that just work. That worked.


Jesus is real, I seen a mountain move. So that was my first story. Where within two minutes, where he, it's just absolutely you know, it's God. Not power of suggestion, or it didn't just happen to go away with medicine, you know, like it or you know, over a period of time. And all good things are from God, you know, don't get me wrong, but I'm just like, no, this was the power of God right now through me through faith, boom, gone.


And I was like, whoa, okay. So that sent me in my journey of learning more. Now, guys, I'm just being real, hasn't always been like that. You know, I was, you know, I think, in my mind, at least, I spent a couple weeks really investigating this, that I was just stirred up in the spirit, if that makes sense. I was just like, I was faith filled feel like it I was out of the way, put it that way. Like, I feel like being the temple of God, I was moving aside. That's what it felt like.


I was abiding in him. It was just all day, it was about him and my relationship with him. That could have something to do with it. But it hasn't always worked like this guys. I've seen mountains move. I have seen God's power like, wow, I've had angelic encounters like I have seen, and I've experienced it with, you know, other people. His goodness, I've seen some of the dark side too, okay. Like, not from him, obviously.


I haven't always experienced all my mountains moving. So I'm just being real. But I know in my heart and I believe, you know, without doubt that doesn't mean it was God's will. Okay, just being real. So, what do we need to do? First of all, "So then Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God," Jesus is the Word.


And so guys, if you take away one thing from this video, please spend more time with your papa, daddy, God, be intentional about it. Set the time aside; worship Him, praise Him, speak to Him, be edified. There's a lot of teachings just within that. I am growing. I have people that I am learning from constantly.


But that is the big takeaway. Okay. All this is holy spirit guide and he is the teacher, the teacher, and you have Him. How beautiful is that? How beautiful is that? So just remember that you have something to do in this world. That we need more prayer warriors out there, we need to start more intercession, interceding. We need to be moving mountains. We need to come together as a body. We need to stop all this garbage that's inside of us.


Start walking, you know, meaning all this bickering and everything. Start walking in your fullness. This is how you're going to change yourself, your home, your neighborhood, your city, your state, your country, the world. You get it, more time prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer. This is how we're going to start building up more faith for as a team, as one body we unite and move mountains.


Thanks for watching this video. I really do love you guys. See in the next one.



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