Spiritual People Know That Transformation Happens From Within

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2021

Spiritual people understand that transformation happens from within. Most people are waiting for their external circumstances to change or align with what they feel must occur in their life first to change their undesired mindset or lifestyle.

The focus on these external circumstances can hinder them from moving forward. their view comes through a lens that is being filtered through their outer environment.

They get caught in the idea that these circumstances must change before they can. But the world is changing. More and more people are waking up to their true nature and connecting spiritually to the universe, the cosmos, god, infinite intelligence.

They are discovering the power to transform us from within. These spiritually in-tune people understand that internal transformation will not only change their own lives but will have a bigger impact on people around them.

These individuals will begin to walk in self-love; they will activate their giftings, uncover their sense of purpose, rally with like-minded believers, and have a more significant impact on the world.

If the complete transformation was all about manipulating one's exterior environment, why do many people who accumulate riches not find the inner peace they set out for?
Why have so many athletes and lottery ticket winners gone bankrupt?

Humanity needs to begin to look from within at what they are manifesting. Otherwise, those same non-serving mindsets and negative thought patterns will continue to display in the outer world.

It's my passion to coach others on how to live a more fulfilled, purposeful life. It's our responsibility to stand up and be examples of the awareness that we are all interconnected. Therefore living out our purpose, dreams, and passions in love affect the world.

We should be teaching and demonstrating love and compassion and that everyone has the universe's backing. God is with us. God isn't distant in the clouds yet already intertwined within us.

It's not about doing yet being, being who you were created to be. If that's you, it's time to walk in love and purpose and to show the world that true transformation comes from within.

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