How to Do a Mindfulness Body Scan

body scanning mindfulness Jun 09, 2021

Check out Bobby's video on Body Scanning on YouTube!

Body scanning, along with rhythmic breathing, can be a great way of introducing mindfulness into your busy schedule. Oftentimes people cite time as a reason why they don't participate in consistent self-care. The stress and responsibility of everyday life can overshadow the small things we can do to better manage our lives. Taking a few minutes daily to participate in your preferred mindfulness practice can have a lasting impact on your emotional and physical well-being. 

Body scanning involves either lying down or sitting in a comfortable position, focusing on your breath and setting your intention on sections of your body. People generally either start with their toes or with the tops of their heads and spend a few breaths in each section. The idea is to bring yourself into the present moment and with intentionality identify any sensations that are present in each area of your body. You do not assign meaning to the...

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