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Love Prevailed

Revealing Who You Are in Christ

Love Prevailed is all about shedding your past and moving into the newness of God's promises to those who believe. Even when someone accepts Jesus, they may hold onto remnants of their past that continue to hinder them from walking in the fullness of Christ.

Love Prevailed focuses on an array of topics within the body, mind, and spirit. I wrote this book to motivate Christians to overcome their past and present struggles so they can move forward into the victory that was secured for them by Jesus. I share many personal stories of how I struggled in a variety of areas such as fear, discouragement, anger, and shame and how I was able to begin to move past these challenges by the revealing of my identity in Christ. Negative emotions began to give way to joy, hope, and faith, and it was there that I witnessed the supernatural increase.

This would bring me closer to Jesus. I discovered my purpose was to ignite believers into uncovering their potential by embracing their identity and purpose in Christ. The revelation of the power that lives within us due to the spirit of God transformed the way I live my life.

"The spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you."

Romans 8:11

Remember you are a new creation. The old you is gone. Embrace the new and charge into the future with a new sense of purpose, freedom, and power!

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