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The Cosmic Creator PLUS program helps you to connect to your superconscious to recode the resistance in your energetic field so you can move into the creative flow and manifest more of what you love. 

To experience life to its fullest we have to explore, embody, and express the spirit in our bodies. 

What’s different with the Cosmic Creator Effect process is that we look at your entire being, “mind, body, spirit,” and your uniqueness at your true identity level to create the space and let go so you can more fully express who you are at the core and manifest. 

The Super Conscious Re-Code process is based on 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. principles, years of study by top researchers in Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, and more.

During your 12x 1-on-1 sessions with Bobby, you will find yourself going through just some of the processes below. 

Superconscious Recode:
Tap into your superconscious to modify/recode what was tagged removing resistance within minutes. 

Learn the nature of reality, the swing circle, and the outcome frame. 

Magnetic Alignment: 
Orient your values to learn what really motivates you as you align with the person you were meant to become.  

Practical Alchemy: 
The 5 steps to consciously create your desire.

Structural Conflict: 
Using structural tension versus psychological tension to release non-serving beliefs and catapult you toward your vision.

Becoming Your New Identity: 
Use active visualization and meditative practices to isolate your true values and become the person you need to be to manifest more of the life you love.

Neurolinguistic Programming: 
Facilitated practice through the six basic principles of NLP to establish greater awareness through self-reflection in order to improve confidence and overall communication skills.

Using the stimulus of touch to neurologically link an intense state of emotion to an experience in order to link past states, the present, and the future.

Collapsing Anchors: 
Using physical stimulus to emphasize positive emotional states and to lessen unwanted states.

Perceptual Shift Process: 
earn how beliefs are created, internal frames, and money beliefs.

7 Steps to Inner Alignment: 
Visualize your life, emotions, behaviors, and beliefs, as you choose and step into your future reality now.

6 Sabotaging Identities: 
The 8 ways we create ineffective choices.

Parts Integration: 
Identifying the various parts of self that all have a higher intention and are meant to be brought together and incorporated into the whole self.

Whiteout Negative Emotions: 
Discover the root cause of fears and phobias, and turn past experiences into wisdom.

Remove Internal Conflicts: 
Stop the internal war.

The Magic of Metaphors: 
Identifying a positive solution to an existing problem using characterization and situational change in order to increase objectivity.

Victim vs. Genius Exercise: 
Isolate your choice, become the observer, remove victimhood, designate the choice as a genius and place yourself into that vibration.

Family Ecology: 
Lessen any non-serving feelings of obligation and replace them with greater feelings of love and compassion.

The Matrix: 
The fear of unwanted results is left behind the wizard’s gate, a place where there is no resistance.

The question is not so much will you create, it’s what will you create and 

who will you be 12 weeks from now?

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