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In 1 hour learn the 3-Step Formula to Embody Who You Truly Are to Magically Manifest More of What You Love.

(Even if you have tried meditation, hypnosis, vision boards, seminars, and retreats in the past and none have seemed to work for you.)


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What if I told you that you already have everything you need in order to manifest what you would like to achieve in your life? 

[The problem may be that you can’t access it because you are missing this one vital thing!]

Does This Sound Familiar?

📣 Have you spent a lot of time and money on retreats, conferences, seminars, and courses and seen some results but not the transformation you were hoping for?

📣 Do you feel you have hit an invisible wall and can’t figure out what you are missing? You might even think that it must be your fault if something isn’t working.

 📣 You have read “Think and Grow Rich”, watched “The Secret", said the affirmation, created a vision board, have done the meditation and visualization, hypnosis, and energy work. 

 📣 You might have “tried everything!" But it’s just not working for YOU! It seems hopeless and you wonder why other people can achieve what they want and you do not?

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Do some of these statements sound familiar to you? If yes, I can totally resonate.

Hey, I am Bobby, and I have been in your shoes not very long ago. Things didn’t look good at all in February 2021. I had accumulated 130K in consumer debt and I had sleepless nights of tossing and rolling around in fear. I tried everything to get rid of the debt, including hypnosis, retreats, courses, and transformational programs but nothing really changed. 

At one point I finally got it! It suddenly it made click. I realized that I had to change one thing in order to change everything. It was like a domino effect. Within a year I attracted abundance into my life, was able to pay off the 130K consumer debt and I now live in a mortgage-free home with my wife and daughter in one of the top-ranking cities in California.

You might wonder how this is possible! And I know it sounds unbelievable but once I figured out what I was doing wrong, things started to fall into place almost instantly. 

And I would love to share this secret with you in my upcoming masterclass!

This FREE Masterclass is for you if you want to:

 Create more abundance to experience more freedom in your life. 

✨ Have more joyful relationships and a deeper connection with your partner.

✨ Wake up with more clarity on your actions to take as you are more aligned with your deeper purpose/dharma.
✨ Feel fulfilled and live a more inspired, magical, mystical, magnetic life that you love!

Reignite the “fire” at your job or business and increase your impact and influence. 

✨ Feel more connected to yourself and less “striving” and depleted. 

✨ Access to new levels of your intuitive gifts and abilities that you were not conscious of.

Freedom to express to the world more of who you are at the core without the feeling of being judged. 

Enhance your meditation, hypnosis, and other spiritual/personal development methods

✨ Operate at a higher frequency of emotions and feel joy, faith, peace, and love. 

Become the person you could only ever be in your dreams


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Here is what other people say about working with Bobby:

I felt an immediate energetic shift

“ I really enjoyed my recode session with Bobby, he helped me understand the easy yet powerful process within our session.

When we were doing the recode I instantly felt the energy in my third eye and throughout my body. The process was simple and gentle, I felt an immediate energetic shift and noticed myself taking new actions the following day.”

- Ashley


From feeling doubtful to having confidence in my abilities 

My session with Bobby was really interesting, we all run through periods of self-doubt, but after working with Bobby it enabled me to lift my thoughts and give me more confidence in my abilities, I would highly recommend having a chat to learn how he can help you!

- Richie

I now understand my higher purpose!

“I always felt like there had to be more to God than just what I had heard at church growing up. Meeting Bobby helped me to understand that I have a greater purpose to impact my community and serve those around me. Bobby helped connect me to my destiny and the strategies that I have learned have helped me to accelerate on my path.“

 - Gabriela Pineda


Bobby's methods are clear-cut!

"I had a subconscious recoding session with Bobby and it was great! Bobby is very passionate about what he does and it shows. He was super helpful in explaining how to operate from the desired reality instead of a current reality by taking action. His methods are clear-cut, easy to understand, and his coaching style is very encouraging. Highly recommended!"

- Brittany

Wondering if this is for you?

This training is for everyone who is ready to start their transformation from the inside out.
Not by trying to fix what doesn’t work.
But by learning the 3-Step Framework that helps you to create the life that you love. If you have been looking for a way to finally change your life and are done applying strategies then this training is for you.

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Are you ready to become the creator of your life?

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