Kris Vallotton 

Kris is the Senior Associate Leader at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. His teachings have greatly influenced and encouraged me. Kris walks in the prophetic and is a co-founder of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and founder of the Bethel School of the Prophets. Kris's story resonates deeply with me and I highly encourage you to visit his blog to learn more. 

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Bill Johnson 

Bill is Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. He has sought revival throughout his life and has seen God move miraculously. I share Bill's passionate views about the goodness of God and his book "God is Good" is on my short list of must-read books. Bill also has many parenting resources and teaches on a variety of other subjects. 

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Jeff Randle 

Jeff is co-founder of Unveiled Life. Not only has Jeff seen the most incredible miracles in healing, the prophetic, and in deliverance, he has also walked in great levels of power. His Power School teaches believers how to establish and increase intimacy with God. Jeff's teachings moved me in a way that I had never experienced previously. I encourage believers to enroll in the Pillar 1 Power School. It will be a challenging experience, but extremely worthwhile. Visit Jeff's website to learn more. 

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Todd White 

Todd is the founder of Lifestyle Christianity and is instrumental in the Power and Love School. Todd overcame years of drug abuse to become a radically delivered street preacher and healer. Todd's story is an incredible testimony of God's ability to drastically change someone's life. Todd travels around the world preaching about healing, miracles, and God moving in the supernatural. Please visit the Lifestyle Christianity page to learn more. 

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Dan Mohler

Dan is founder of Neck Ministries and is also involved with Power and Love. Dan has seen God move in the miraculous which includes seeing dramatic healings. Please visit the Neck Ministries website to learn more. 

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Tyler Johnson

Tyler is the founder of One Glance Ministries. He leads mission trips to impoverished areas of India in order to spread the gospel and demonstrate God's love and goodness through the miraculous. Tyler also travels internationally preaching about the goodness of God. Visit Tyler's website below. 

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Pete Cabrera Jr. 

Pete is the founder of Royal Family International. Beginning as a street healer, Pete became known for his YouTube videos that demonstrated average people on the street being healed of a variety of ailments. Pete now operates the Royal Family International University and hosts students from around the world. Visit the Royal Family website for more info. 

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