I'm on a mission to Impact 500,000 Christ-centered People to embrace who God created them to be by 2030


Book Bobby to speak. Bobby is a speaker, author and coach helping followers of Jesus to explore, embody and express who they are in Christ. 

Many Christians do not understand that they are a new creation, and oftentimes hold onto their old selves, often in a problem-fixing mentality attempting to fix something that they never could, this is what Jesus died and was resurrected for. To change the planet and show the love of Jesus as the body of Christ we must let go of the old, embrace more of the new and live out the gospels bringing more heaven to earth. 


Bobby's Talks


Signature Talk

 Be You: 3 Christ-Led Ways to Embrace Who You Are


This topic is for followers of Christ who are struggling to live out their faith day-to-day, are exhausted from trying to do everything right, and feel like they are always falling short.

 In this session, you will learn the 3-part “Be-You Method” as a strategy to live more fulfilled, find freedom in your own identity, and have an impactful life in Christ so you can be more fully who Christ created you to be.

The audience will walk feeling more powerful in Christ, feel rejuvenated in their purpose and pursuit of God, and be equipped with practical ways to live out their faith every day.


Other Talks

Becoming Men of The Kingdom: The Process of Stepping Into Your Identity in Christ


This topic is for Christian men who are feeling stuck and frustrated with the pressure of living up to the expectations they feel are towards them as a man of God. 

 In this session, you will learn the 3-part "Be You Method" which equips you to embrace more of who you are in Christ. Go from feeling exhausted from trying to fix all the issues around you to feeling content and empowered from the power that already resides within. 

The audience will walk away feeling more confident with their ability to be the leader and man God intended and created them to be. 

They will leave with a sense of renewal and ambition to pursue their relationship with God and themselves.


Be The Parent You Were Created to Be: 3 Part- Christ-Led Ways to Parent With Confidence

This topic is Christ followers who are parents that are exhausted from attempting to navigate the world, education system, and society while raising their children. 

In this session, you will learn the “Be You Method” as a strategy to help you embrace your true identity in Christ, come alive in your relationship with God and yourself, and become the parent you were created to be, bringing out the best in your child.

The audience will walk with a plan for moving forward, direction on what to do next, and the tools they need to be the bold parent in Christ they were meant to be.